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Reviewer Registration

Join our team of Medical Specialists at Peer Review Solutions!


Peer Review Solutions provides objective and independent medical reviews. We take pride in producing timely evaluations that contribute to efficient case resolutions for our clients, which includes hospitals, insurance companies, attorneys and Fortune 1000 companies.


By joining Peer Review Solutions’ panel as a specialist, your experience and expertise will contribute to providing reviews in the areas of:


  • Utilization Management
  • Internal Review
  • Quality of Care
  • Benefit of Coverage
  • Medical Opinion


To become a panelist, please print out and complete the PDF application and training module. Please sign, date and FAX both documents back to our office at: (925) 634-6328 or scan and email to:


Click here for PDF application and training module.


Once your application, signed training module and certification information have been submitted, your background and related information will be carefully reviewed to ensure compliance with our strict medical, ethical and HIPAA standards. Requirements include Board Certification and an active practice. This is a relatively quick process, and once it is completed, you will be a reviewer in the Peer Review Solutions network, entitled to compensation for every medical review you handle for us. If you would like to discuss matters concerning the application process including the compensation structure for physicians in our network, please call 888-950-PEER (7337), extension 800 or email


We look forward to hearing from you.